Townadvisor Post cards can profit your business in many ways.

Marketing with postcards has long been - and continues to be - one of the most popular and successful ways to build your business for a lifetime of profitability.

In fact, postcard marketing has even emerged as one of the single best ways to bring highly targeted buyers to your website; thus, it represents the pinnacle of mixed marketing strategies by combining the proven powers of print with the new-age convenience of the web.

Business Cards

Exchanging your Townadvisor business card can be more valuable than the card itself. Use it as a conversation starter to better understand where the person's needs, interests or hobbies lie, what they are looking for in a town. It may even be more valuable than the computer.


Flip Book

A Townadvisor flip book is book that uses a series of pictures to tell a story or promote an idea.

Flip book are being used in marketing for interactive brochures, trade shows and other marketing activities.

Because of our advanced technology flip books are now being created by TownAdvisor, we have made flip books our specialty. You can showcase all the wonderful things about your town in a customized Flip book, we can do this in a digital or print format. Because of how small and lightweight flip books are they can easily slide into somebody's pocket. So you can use flip books at trade-shows to give away to anybody who walks by your table or you can mail them out as a "pre-show" marketing tool. Just remember whatever idea you come up we can most likely be turned into a flip book and you can even put in a website address, telephone, or anything else to help encourage your buyers.


Town Tour Video

For many, even those who have grown up in any of America's nineteen thousand plus towns, villages, or incorporated places, fully describing the wonders and benefits of their chosen "hometown" can be difficult. For Real Estate Professionals across North America – whose focus is on properties, amenities, and lifestyle values – answering the inevitable client question, "What's the town like," can be similarly difficult... that is where our Town Tour comes in.


These extensively researched, masterfully scripted, and beautifully filmed 'mini movies' offer those interested in relocating to a new area an immediate, fact-filled answer to that question. These videos showcase the very best of the town – from affordability to commutability, education to recreation, and so much more... all presented by someone whose professional knowledge and wisdom come across throughout: you, the local Real Estate Professional.


The process begins with our simple Top Five form... where you aid our writers in narrowing down what lifestyle highlights should best be represented in the script. Once completed, our talented writing team and editors undergo deeper research to provide our videographers with the very best to capture in your area. Lastly, we add one of our professional voiceover artists, who captures the passion and excitement of the story you are seeking to communicate.

In the end, your Town Tour becomes a breathtaking testimonial to your town, a powerful marketing tool for your clients, and a great way to set yourself apart from your competition. We at Town Advisor acknowledge that we did not create the town video concept, nor would we ever dissuade you from creating one of these town-honoring projects on your own, we simply know that we have refined the concept in the Real Estate Industry... taking the guess-work and leg-work out of the process.

Here's an Example of our Valuable and Informative Town Tour:

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Moving with Pets

The process of moving/relocating has been long documented as representing one of life’s most stressful experiences… ranking just below the trauma of death and divorce.

Regrettably, for pets, far less attention is devoted to understanding how stressful, and in fact at times life ending, this same moving process can be for pets… be they dogs,cats, birds, fish, etc.

Such a lack of proper attention inevitably leads to a corresponding lack of preparation.

Town, a site completely dedicated to helping individuals and families chose the right town, city, or neighborhood – even before the appropriate home, feels compelled to include this pet-centric component of town search as part of the TownAdvisor consumer experience… for a number of reasons, some include:

  • According to recent research conducted by PetSmart – approximately 68% of households count a pet as a companion.
  • According to The Humane Society of America – while Americans spend over 50 billion dollars a year on their pets, the number one reason for “relinquishing” a pet is when moving.
  • According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy – moving with pets accounts for the second highest reason for relinquishment (after having too many animals in the household).

The consequence of this powerful statistic leads to many pets left behind (and sometimes left without a life) is deeply troubling to all of us at

Therefore, we endeavor to:

  • raise your consciousness to the importance of proper planning
  • provide links to great information for when relocating pets by car, plane, or train
  • offer content about how to gauge how “pet friendly” the town you are moving to is
  • provide wisdom and knowledge from accomplished Real Estate professionals regarding the “dont’s and do’s” for when selling a home where pets presently live

TownAdvisor also invites visitors to our local town sites to post what your pets enjoy most about your town… as well as cautionary posts regarding what problems one’s pets may encounter.

Through TownAdvisor you can conveniently prepare to:

  • move with companion pets
  • find out where the best dog parks are
  • decide if dog parks work for or against your dog
  • learn about moving with cats
  • how to reduce the stress for your pets, and thus yourself
  • as well as how to avoid having pets hurt your home sale value

And, if you post, TownAdvisor looks forward to both your Pet Posts… and Pet Peeves.

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