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About Plymouth, MA

Written by Leon Lopes


Welcome to America’s Hometown…Plymouth, Massachusetts

Town Advisor in collaboration with local Plymouth Resident and highly accomplished Remax Realtor, Leon Lopes is pleased and proud to further illuminate this most iconic and fabled Town…for the benefit of all those considering a move to…or within…Southeastern Mass.

Plymouth, a town widely memorialized throughout America beginning with elementary school history classes iconic images and symbolism attached to the Mayflower, Pilgrims, early settlers and the celebration of Thanksgiving

Town Advisor has selected Leon Lopes, a proud and passionate local Plymouth Resident, market knowledgeable Realtor, and Past President of Plymouth’s Rotary Club, making him uniquely qualified, along with Town Advisor, to share what he considers to be some of the principal reasons why Plymouth ranks high with residents due to its remarkable present day living.

1. Plymouth’s enviable location.

‎Plymouth, located approximately forty miles to Boston and, as the Gateway to Cape Cod, means that town residents enjoy the best of not one or two but in fact three worlds.

Boston, as one, provides its Plymouth suburb with the finest in culture, medicine, universities, employment, technological innovation, and, of course, its locally revered sports teams.

The other world, Cape Cod, conveniently reached by merely crossing a bridge, is the ultimate in resort and vacation living…exemplified by Falmouth, Hyannis, Provincetown, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

the best of these three worlds (according to Leon Lopes and scores of other Plymouth residents) is Plymouth itself…and all that one can uniquely experience within the boundaries of this full- fledged destination and its 134 square miles…96.5 which is land, and 37.5 which is water… making it Massachusetts’ largest municipal area.

Let’s start with:

White Horse Beach

Noted for soft sands caressing waves, and brisk and refreshingly beautiful blue waters, White Horse Beach presents over one mile of sea shore splendor and, consequently, residents flock to this convenient town beach located just six miles south of Plymouth Town Center.

Plymouth Beach

Plymouth’s largest and perhaps most popular beach is fun filled and ecologically flourishing Plymouth Beach. Plymouth Beach is a beach that embodies the charm one would expect from a beach prominently located on this venerated coast.

Ellisville Harbor State Park

In contrast to the pristine white sands bordering the coast at Plymouth Beach and other beaches, Ellisville Harbor State Park Beach is appreciated for its contrasting rocky beach and eclectic natural setting boasting a barrier beach, bogs, and bird and seal watching; all harmoniously and luminously working in concert.

Nelson Memorial Park…Beach

With arresting views of Cape Cod Bay, Nelson Memorial Park Beach makes a day, if not a summer long visit, an enriching and rewarding experience for town residents as the interplay between the sea and land activities such as soccer, Frisbee throwing, kite-gliding and many other endeavors are deeply enjoyed by residents of all ages.

Long Beach

Long Beach, another Resident favorite, is a barrier beach accessed exclusively by either walking or 4-wheel drive Resident sticker approval, showcases Caribbean-like sand and a commanding view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Providing a commanding view of the Atlantic Ocean, Long Beach’s clear blue waters and romantically and unrelentingly pounding surf crashing on the rocks, means that, here again, the experience of Plymouth residents never comes up short.

2. Plymouth’s Parks and Recreation

In a town possessing 22 Village parks, each providing a range of recreational, historical, or other life edifying amenities, there are a few parks deserved of special mention; like…:

Myles Standish State Forest

This Plymouth veritable park paradise provides 16 freshwater lakes and ponds.

There also exists within the park the opportunity to camp, hike, and enjoy an overall camp experience that can be likened to former Massachusetts neighbor Thoreau‎’s beloved Walden pond. Yet, for Plymouth residents, there is always the reminder that they are able to move from seashore to woods…and woods back to the sea

In keeping with historical examples, in Plymouth it is never a case of, “one if by land and two if by sea”…as in Plymouth, they come as a package.

Pilgrim Memorial Park is a venue more for reflection than recreation as it is home to none other than Plymouth Rock and overlooks Mayflower 2; a half a mile west of this waterfront celebration to the Towns heritage is the location is the national monument to the Forefathers.

That said, with all due respect to How Plymouth preserves its storied past, it is safe to say that today’s residents are considerably more consumed with what the town presently offers them than its renowned past.

Especially considering its nine beaches, its prestigious country clubs and their highly desirable golf courses, the finest in on-and-off shore fishing, boating, and whale sighting excursions, along with the pleasures gained from summer concert series, parades, and the Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra, affectionately referred to by locals…as “The Phil.”

Plymouth “rocks” for individuals and families of all ages…unlike some Boston Communities dominated by Youth or certain Cape Cod Communities, havens for senior citizens…Plymouth is blessed with a wondrous balance concerning the ages of its residents…

Let’s take a look at the numbers reflecting Plymouth’s population by age category.

24.3 percent of the population is under the age of twenty

10.7 percent between ages 20 and 29

28.9 percent between that ages of 30 to 49

22.2 percent between 50 and 64

and 14 percent…over 65.

This wonderful balance means that the town support and services are generously allocated for all ages from preschool to senior citizen services…including one of the state’s leading hospitals… Beth Israel Deaconess – Plymouth.

3. And speaking of preschool, lets now focus on education.

Plymouth’s commitment to excellence in education is perhaps best reflected in the mission statement of one of the town’s two high schools…Plymouth North.

The mission of Plymouth North is to “challenge all students and staff to reach their fullest academic and personal potential.”

Plymouth, located in a state consistently rated in the top five out of fifty states by US News and World Report, takes the importance of education as its sacred responsibility.

Plymouth provides WiFi access throughout its schools and proudly points (in most cases) to a 2 to 1 student to computer ratio.

Plymouth provides 12 public schools when one includes its technical high school as an important part of Plymouth South High School. In addition there are 4 private schools.

Plymouth is also home to a highly regarded Rising Star Charter School…and, also, there are a number of private and religiously affiliated preschools and a montessori school.

For those seeking private school education, nearby Tabor Academy was ranked by the Wall Street Journal as one of America’s fifty best schools.

4. Plymouth’s shopping and dining excellence.

As you would expect from a Town of over fifty six thousand (that has to meet both the demands of its local citizenry and also its many tourists), Plymouth excels in providing both services and service.

Regarding shopping:

It doesn’t get any better than Colony Place…one of the finest open air retail complexes found anywhere in the entire Northeast.

With approximately forty retail stores, several restaurants, ample free parking, and stunningly beautiful and well maintained landscaping…Colony Place truly provides more than just a shopping experience but rather an entertaining experience.

Village Landing Marketplace represents in-town shopping and dining in a sensational waterfront setting reminiscent of visiting village-based merchants of the past…and you and the eclectic range of eateries and specialty stores are together…right on the harbor.

5. And now, as we round out our lifestyle overview of historic Plymouth, both Town Advisor and local Realtor extraordinaire Leon Lopes turn our attention to the relationship between Plymouth and its Real Estate.

As you would expect (given the immense physical size of the town), there are many sections, communities, Village Centers and neighborhoods within Plymouth…each distinctive in its own way.

We shall discuss our perspective on Real Estate opportunities available in Plymouth in general versus individual neighborhoods or properties.

Plymouth is far more affordable than many other ‘Sister South Shore’ communities and dramatically less expensive when buying a similarly constructed home than in towns like Duxbury, Cohasset and Hingham…where the average homes (presently on the market in these three town) is approaching one million dollars..

For those willing to drive an additional 15-20 minute or so as part of their each way commute into Boston, the rewards that Plymouth provides as a combination vibrant full service community and Resort Town in where housing costs are considerably less, are quite remarkable.

That Plymouth, more than most, (if not all other South Shore communities…given its ever increasing growth and appeal) has been blessed with new developments, new plazas, and a range of lifestyle options in terms of renting, first time buying, moving up, downsizing, senior active communities, executive neighborhoods, waterfront estates and properties surrounding lakes, ponds and country club/golf courses.

Because of the sheer size of Plymouth, one can chose a community that reflects a desired lifestyle and be surrounded by a sense that one is living with those who value a similar type community; thus, Plymouth is a town of many distinct yet concentrated lifestyles.

We hope that you will benefit from this overview of what life is like for those who live in Plymouth – one of America’s most special, important, vibrant and impressive places to live for individuals and families of all ages who want to live in a town for the ages!

Town Advisor would like to thank Leon Lopes for exclusively hosting our Town Advisor Plymouth website and for his indispensable contributions in helping us present this perspective on Plymouth, Massachusetts.


Leon Lopes

Leon Lopes

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